Winter Morning Routine||Collab


Hi everyone! So today I’ll be posting quite a bit and to kick things off, I’ll be doing a collab with the wonderful Kat. So after you have finished reading my post, go on over to Kat’s blog to read her post, which will be linked at the end.

So to start off my morning, I wake up at around 8:50am MOST mornings. I then check my phone to see what happened the night before. Then I trudge out of my room to the bathroom. I always wash my face with COLD water to revive my face. After I wash my face I brush my teeth. Then, I brush my hair and the style I have been wearing since Friday, is a messy bun with a scrunchie in it. Once my hair is done,(very messily) I go back to my room to do my make-up. I only really wear concealer rather than foundation mainly because it’s easier to remove. My outfit is next. I pull whatever looks warm and wear it. I sit down and go on my laptop. I check my Instagram on my phone and check my blog, catch up on conversations from my private account and catch up on YouTube videos. Depending on whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, me and my mum will go into town and either go for lunch or go shopping.

I hope you enjoyed my Winter Morning Routine. Head on over to Kat’s blog to see her Winter Morning Routine.

See you all later!

xoxo Rosamae

Kat’s Blog:


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