Lazy Days

lazy-days3What better way to spend your winter break than with a lazy day. For me a lazy day consists of not getting up ’til one in the afternoon and staying in your pjs all day, which is what I did for New Year’s day.

Yeah, I know, it’s a bit weird for me to do a post about lazy days when the new year has just started and people are trying to get healthy, and what I have to say to that is, Yes, it is. But  So anyways, here are some ways to spend your lazy days! (Hey, that rhymed!)


  • Do nothing

Yeah, kinda ghetto but it works. Stay in bed, play on your phone, make the occasional trips to the kitchen and the bathroom when necessary. BOOM! The perfect lazy day.

  • Lie on the couch all day and eat left over selection boxes

This one is kind of more suited for the people who are going to start the health kicks on January 2nd. Pro tip: Lazy days on the couch are great when you’re wrapped up in a duvet.

  • Stay in your pjs all day

Okay, so for this one all you have to do is just stay at home in your pjs. Pretty simple. You can be really productive like get some great deals in the New Year/January sales and be comfortable af.

  • Stay at home

Nothing extravagant just stay at home. You can binge watch your favourite t.v show or watch a movie or four.

lazy-days2It’s ridiculously easy to have a lazy day or a duvet day. I hope you all have had an amazing 2017 so far. It’s Cat’s birthday tomorrow so I’m off to buy her a present. I’m gonna start doing like a Question of the day or Qotd for a while so here’s the first one. Let me know the answer for you in the comments.


Qotd ~ Have you any events coming up soon?

Aotd ~ Yes, my Bff Cat’s birthday is tomorrow!

xoxo Rosamae




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