I’m back!!

So if you have no idea what/why I’ve been gone for so bloody long here’s your long awaited explanation.

So after I had written my Where I’ve been + Updates post some things started happening at school that I don’t want to talk about because I know that if I do, it could start up again and that would terrify me. So anyways, the things which were pretty bad and stressed me out which led me to have my first panic attack. It was terrifying and freaked me out so much. Some people would think that I’m over exaggerating because Zoë (Zoella) has panic attacks and I’m a fan of hers but I Googled it and asked a few of my Internet friends and yep, I had a panic attack. If you still don’t believe me here is what I experienced. All this info is from Wikihow.

1.Feeling short of breath, like you can’t get enough air
2.Pounding heart
3.Feeling like you’re choking
7.Feeling like you’re losing control or you can’t escape.

It was one of the worst and scariest things that has ever happened to me, (being bullied comes in a close second) and I just needed a break for a while because school work and homework were getting a bit much so I went on hiatus. I had planned to write this post last Monday but our Internet went and it only got fixed this afternoon, and I haven’t been able to go on my laptop  for the past weekI’m sorry if it was a bit abrupt and unexplained but I just needed time to myself. Sorry this post is a bit short but I needed to let you all know where I’ve been. Another post should be up soon, but I don’t know because I’m currently binge watching Resident Evil 7 but I’ll try my best and not forget.

xoxo Rosamae



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