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Hey hey! So this post is a bit late and I’m sorry! School is absolutely  MENTAL at the moment and I apologise in advance if my posts are all over the place. I’ll be posting whenever I can find time.

I asked you guys to ask me some questions for a Q & A over on my Instagram and I am in shock because I got so many!! Thank you all for your questions and I’m sorry if I didn’t answer yours. But don’t worry because I’ll be doing another one soon. I’m done rambling now so ON WITH THE Q & A!!

Q-Who is your inspiration?-@lush.hannah.x A-Ooohh…I have so many but mainly Zoey (@zoeyglitter on instagram), Zoella, and Rosie (@rosinaleeblog on instagram). They are the people who have brought me to where I am today.

Q-Favourite Lush purchase EVER?-@grace_moffatt.xoxo A-Ooooooh.. That’s tough but I’d have to say either the Creamy Candy bubble bar or the Twilight bath bomb.

Q-What’s your favourite song?-@mabuttercream A- I’m really into my music, especially Indie rock and alternative and maybe a bit of rap too. My favourite song would have to be either The Judge or Heavydirtysoul, both by one of my favourite bands twenty one pilots, or any song off of the Undertale soundtrack. (Preferably Megalovania)

Q-Who is your favourite YouTuber?-@mabuttercream A- I watch loads of different YouTubers but some of my favourites are, LDShadowlady, markiplier, jacksepticeye, Wiishu, Marzia, Rosanna Pansino, Simply Nailogical, CrankGameplays, Zoella, Zoey Glitter, JennaMarbles, danisnotonfire and Isahooten. There’s a lot…I know!!

Q-Why did you start your blog & Instagram account?-@beauty.l0ves A- I started my blog because I was scrolling through Instagram one night and saw a few accounts that used WordPress aso I thought I would give blogging a go! I started my Instagram account as a way to express myself anonymously online and a way to be contacted by bloggers or anyone wanting to be Internet friends.

Q-Who inspired you to make a blog/Instagram?-@_pastelmarie A- Rosie, Zoey and Zoë (@zoella on Instagram) because they are all so lovely (I say that even though I’ve never talked to Zoella but from her videos she seems lovely) and they inspire me everyday.

Q-Best Instagram page?-@floralbella_x A- That’s tough, yours is really pretty, Rosie’s is so, so, so inspiring and Zoey’s is super cute and pretty.

Q-What would be your favourite memory?-@aokatei A-Ooh, probably my trip to Disneyland Paris, but although I don’t remember everything , it still was amazing.

Q-If you could save ONE Harry Potter character that died, who would it be and why?-@rosinaleeblog A- First of all, WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE?!? and second, I would probably choose Dobby because he is so sweet and is just generally adorable!!

Q-What is the easiest and hardest part of blogging in your opinion? -@floral.serena A-Easiest would be writing about a topic that interests you/you like, hardest would be organising a collab when you don’t have a clue what to collab about 😂

And that’s a wrap!! Thank you all so, so much for your questions. I got so many and I wish I could answer all of them but if I did, I would be writing this for hours!! I’ll probably do another one soon enough so stay tuned for that. Thank you all so, so much and I will see ya’ll in the next post!!

xoxo Rosamae

Instagram: @rosamae_bl0g

Twitter: @rosamaebl0g

Tumblr: @rosamaebl0g


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