Spring Photography||Collab

Hey guys! Todays post is a collab with Batool, she is an amazing person so I definitely recommend you go and follow her on Instagram and her blog. So for this collab, I’ll be doing ‘Spring Photography’ and head over to Batool’s blog to see her post.

Here are some of my photos I have taken on my new camera (click here to see my review on it)


DSC00155 This is Molly, my grandads clob (stupid) dog. I love her!DSC00161DSC00162This is my personal favourite ❤

DSC00167Flowers ft. my nanas house! 😂

DSC00169Same again only different angle!DSC00172This is why I love spring!DSC00174This tree is so flippin’ photogenic, how could I not take about a million photos of it?! 😂DSC00177This is why she’s a clob! She’ll play fetch with ANYTHING! Coal, leaves, moss, you name it she’ll play fetch with it! 😂😂DSC00185This is me! Well, my legs anyway. It was too warm to wear trousers, so I wore football shorts! DSC00187Here’s Molly diving into the lake near my school.DSC00191I’m not even gonna say anything about this one 😂

DSC00196I was trying to photograph a bee but it wouldn’t stop moving so this is what I took.

These are my own photos so please don’t repost under your own name.

That’s all for this post. I hope you liked it. If you want to leave any feedback on my photos feel free to comment below. Also, has anyone else heard Gorillaz new songs? If you have let me know which is your favourite. I love ‘Saturnz Barz’ and ‘Let Me Out’.

Thank you all so, so much for 600 followers on Instagram! I am grateful for every single one of you.

xoxo Rosamae

Instagram: @rosamaebl0g

Twitter: @rosamaebl0g

Tumblr: @rosamaebl0g


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