So…that happened. What do I do now?! First of all, AAAAAAAAHHHHH!! AFGHTRUFENBCHSIO!!!!! Okay, freak out over. 😂😂

Just to clear things up for the people who follow me on Instagram. I hit 50 followers last Thursday but I got the “official” notification yesterday. I decided to this post now instead of then because I wanted to wait until I got that notification since I wanted to have it as the header image. (Dear God, that sounds so incredibly vain…I did not mean it like that…😂 😯😐)

Anywho, thank you ALL so, so, sooo much for 50 followers on my blog. Never in a bajillion years did I ever imagine I’d get this far. I created this blog on a whim that someone, anyone would read my posts. NOT 50 FREAKIN’ PEOPLE!! (If I’m like this now, imagine what I was like when I actually hit it! That sounds vain too. Oh God!)

Okay, so I know some people will be scoffing and thinking I’m overreacting but 50 people following my blog is a pretty big effing deal to me! I don’t give an ish about what you think. (That is if you are being negative but if you’re supporting me, THANK YOUU!)

Words cannot describe the gratefulness I have for each and every one of you who have followed my blog over these past 9 months (holy hell!! that long?!) and who regularly read and comment on my posts. Your support means the absolute world to me! 😁☺😘 Also, I’ve tried cutting back on the swearing in this post. It’s been kinda hard, but I wanna keep it clean (for now anyway. I can’t keep it a promise😆)

I think I’m done rambling now..or am I?! DUN. DUN. DUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! Okay, I’m sorry 😂😂 Life has been crazy busy for me (so I apologise for posts being all over the place recently) and I’ve got an never ending list of shit to do, (Whoops, I slipped up..oh whell!!) and I’ve started questioning things about myself now to add to the mix. Body confidence is a post I want to do sometime soon. Leave a little 🌻 in the comments if you think I should.

OKAY, NOW I’m done. That’s all for this post. I’ll see you all (whenever I decide to post it..) in the next one. Peace out! 💚✌🏻🤘🏻

xoxo A very happy and giddy Rosamae ❤❤


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