Favourite Things About the Seasons! || Collab

Hey guys!

Todays post is a collab with Bella (who is awesome!) and it’s our ‘Favourite Things About the Seasons!’ If you haven’t already, go follow Bella’s blog because she’s funny, kind and all round AWESOME! So go follow her once you’re finished here to read her post! Anyways, on with the post!


Ah yes, my least favourite of the four. Why? Well in Ireland, we sometimes tend to get worse weather than winter. Take this year as an example, where we got snow in FLIPPIN’ MARCH! March of all seasons. I don’t even think we got snow in December. But, I do love when you can get the last of the frosty morning photography in before summer comes along, and the buds and flowers starting to come out make for some gorgeous photos. Lazy Easter Days, chocolate, tea,(!!!) curled up under duvets ’til 2 in the afternoon!! More things I love about spring!!


Onto my third favourite season. They say summer is when the sun comes out and the hot weather starts but over here it’s just like, “Hot weather? Sun? Summer? What’s that?!”. BUT, when we get it, the weather can be gorgeous here. The Peach, Green Tea, Iced Lemonade from Starbucks has become my new favourite thing about summer. I’ve only had two but I’m in lovee 😍😍 And it’s the perfect time to whip out me camera! Summer’s the best for photography in my opinion.


Now, my second favourite. I’m just gonna say it now (and pardon my French but) I FUCKING LOVE AUTUMN! (Sorry, I had to XD) Autumn just missed out on the top spot for, you guessed it, photography πŸ˜‚ I’ve taken some gorgeous photos so far in August that I can’t wait to share. Don’t get me started on the Starbucks Autumnal drinks. The pumpkin spiced latte is just 😍😍 I’ve had one but I can’t wait for it to come back! I adore the trees in autumn. All the colours 😍 AND HALLOWEEN!! I can’t leave out my favourite holI day. I go so far as to decorate my room πŸ˜‚ Once they go up, they don’t come down until Christmas πŸ˜‚ I’ll stop now because I’ll just keep going on all day πŸ˜‚


My favourite season! Mainly because I’m an ice cold bitch at heart πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (again, I’m sorry) I’m not too sure why winter is my favourite, but it is. I love on frosty mornings when you can see that the spiders (*serious cringe*) went to TOWN with the webs. The frosty leaves and grass are things I adore in winter 😍 Also, CHRISTMAS!! Again, I go so far as to decorate my room! The decorations go up and don’t come down until around mid-January? Hehe, okay I know I’ve got a problem πŸ˜‚ I just love Christmas. 

And I’m done!! That was longer than expected. I guess I need to get my rambling under a bit more control. NAAAHH! πŸ˜‚ Make sure you go and follow Bella’s Instagram and her Blog because she’s awesome and her instagram feed rocks! I’m off to Dublin for the day so I might or might not be very active. I’ll try my best though. I’ll be posting every Saturday at 3 pm and every Sunday at 6 pm from now on, with a special one coming out on the 11th of October πŸ’œ That’s all for this post πŸ’œ Peace out πŸ’šβœŒ

xoxo Rosamae 


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