What’s in my Bag 2017! || Collab 

Hey guys! 

So this post is one I have to just throw together because I thought I scheduled but I did not and I have none access to my laptop so bear with me 😂😂 This post is a collab with Ellie who is the coolest person in the universe! This collab has been a long time in the works so I hope you enjoy! I also did one of these with Alanna as part of Blogmas last year so if you want to read it click here!💜

The bag I usually use is my school bag and I doubt anyone wants to see that so I’ll be showing my bag that I use when I go out or on the weekends 😊💚

So, the bag is this black Harry Potter bag that I got in Penneys (or Primark for you English folk 😂) for €14. It’s quite big actually so I can fit a good bit into it. So in my bag there usually is…

  • My camera
  • My earphones 
  • A book. This past while it’s been Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 😂
  • A lipstick, concealer and powder along with some brushes 
  • A notebook and pen
  • Lipbalm
  • A pair of sunglasses 
  • A small hair brush 
  • And some hair clips 

And there you go!! This was fun to write and I love writing collab posts so much! 😜 Make sure you check out Ellie’s blog and her post and instagram because she’s awesome! That’s all for now 💜 Peace out! ✌💚

xoxo Rosamae 

Ellie’s instagram: www.instagram.com/thediaryofellie

Ellie’s twitter: www.twiter.com/thediaryofellie

Ellie’s blog: www.thediaryofellie.wordpress.com


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