My Favourite Bloggers of 2017

Hey guys!

I’m stuck on ways to start posts now! Anywho! Welcome to Blogmas Day 2.

Today I’ll be sharing my Favourite Bloggers of 2017. Some people whose posts I’ve been loving this year and some other lovely people who I’ve chatted with over the past months. Here we go!

The Diary of Ellie/ Ellie

I can’t remember when I first found Ellie’s blog (before she switched to WordPress) but I loved her posts! Then when she switched to WordPress her posts are so much more enjoyable since they always pop up in my reader. We did a collab a little while ago (which you can find here) and she is gorgeous and so, so, so nice!

Screenshot (30)

Everything Eden / Eden

Eden’s posts are some of my favourites. Her ‘Blogging Against Bullying’ series are some of my favourite posts from her. She is so nice and I love listening to her rambles on Instagram about an average teenager’s life. Her blog is so cute and I love it!

Screenshot (31)


Where do I start? Doni is such an inspiring and amazing person. Her blog posts are mainly inspirational quotes and they inspire me to keep going. From the short time I’ve been chatting with her I’ve discovered that she is an honest person who loves what she does! Plus her study Instagram has been helping me with my upcoming exams.

Screenshot (32).png

Rosinalee/ Rosie

What can I say? Here I shall be rambling about my absolute favourite blogger. Hm..Have I said enough about her yet? Well, I shall keep praising the blogging genius that is Rosie herself. My earliest memory of talking with her was when I was getting ready to set up my blog and I had some minor problems, and who was the person who helped me? Rosie. She is so kind, funny, her photography is just GOALS and one of the most amazing human beings ever!

Screenshot (33)

And there we have it! My favourite bloggers of 2017. Make sure you follow all the girls on Instagram and check out their blogs too. I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you know any other bloggers you think I might like then be sure to comment below as I love discovering new bloggers. That’s all for this post. I know this one wasn’t very “Christmassy” but it’s something I’ve wanted to share for a while. See you all tomorrow!

xoxo Rosamae


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