Winter Skincare Routine // Collab

Hey guys!

How’s December going so far? I have my first exam of the year on Tuesday and I have been studying like mad!

Since I’ve been stressing so much about this it has caused my skin to start breaking out again. So today, I’m going to share my skin routine that I think has been helping me through winter too.

This post is also a collab with Aimen who you should really check out because she’s so lovely and to see her skin routine too! So here is my Winter Skincare Routine.


First, I take off any makeup I have on (if I have any on) with the Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water. I find this takes off makeup really well and it doesn’t irritate my skin like other micellar waters do. So I really recommend you try it if you’re looking for a new one.



Then I use the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash. It targets spots (which I seem to have a lot of these days) and deep cleanses and tones your skin. Unlike other products that contain salicylic acid (which is supposed to reduce spots), this one doesn’t leave a “burning” sensation on your face like another Garnier face wash I used to use. It’s apart of a range Boots have in stores and it’s not too expensive.


Once I’ve washed my face, I use the Back Spray from the Boots range on my face. I know it says it’s a back spray but I just use it on my face and it works fine. It’s not greasy and it dries in really quick.




I let the spray dry into my skin then I use the Spot Wand directly on the spots I have. It has two sides, one for day and one for night. I’ve used one of these already and this one is my second. This is one of my favourite skincare products at the moment and I really recommend you try this one.



Finally, after all that is done, I use the Garnier (no this is not sponsored by Garnier!) SkinActive Moisture Bomb hydrating moisturiser. This cream is my holy grail! It is one of THE BEST moisturisers. I have used two of these already and it has helped my skin so much! I have dry skin on my nose sometimes in the winter and this clears it no problem. It costs about a tener (or €10) but it is so worth it! I’ve loved it for a good three months now.

I hoped you enjoyed seeing my winter skin routine. Make sure you head over to Aimen’s blog to see her post (just click her name at the start of the post). I think Blogmas will actually work this year! Just to let you know, there’ll be no post tomorrow because I’m spending it studying since my first exam is less than a week away. Sorry about that but there should be posts for the rest of Blogmas. I will let you know otherwise. Well, that’s all for this post! I hope you all enjoyed it and I will see you all in two days!

xoxo Rosamae



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