A-Z of Typically Irish Things

Hey guys!

Today’s post is a collab with the lovely Nerd Online. Make sure you check out Katie’s blog when you’re done here because her post is A-Z of Typically British Things. I hope you enjoy today’s post, I had loads of fun coming up with all the things.

‘Ah sure..’
Bucketing (heavy rain, really every day here)
Craic agus Ceol (fun and music)
Dunnes Stores (only the best shop in Ireland)
Eurovision (we may not make it far but it’s probably the best thing on telly)
Fleadh Ceol na hÉireann (big music event held in different counties every year)
Guinness (The Black Shtuff)
Hurling (Like hockey but in a field with sticks and a ball)
Irish (otherwise know as Gaeilge)
Jacks (otherwise known as the toilets)
Kerrygold (only the best butter in the country)
Leprechauns (NOT REAL)
Music (or ceol of the traditional kind)
Ninety-nines (ice-cream cone with a flake that cost close to €2, not 99c)
Omadhaun (absolute clob or stupid person)
Penneys (aka Primark where every Irish person buys their clothes, don’t deny it)
Quid (what we all call money, even children)
Ryan Tubridy (the patron of Irish telly, aka host of the Late Late (Toy) Show)
St. Patrick (17th of March, mark it down as Paddy’s Day NOT Patty’s Day)
Tea (Lyons, Barry’s, doesn’t matter once you get a cuppa tea)
Uachtar Réoite (translation: ice-cream, literally couldn’t think of anything else)
Vessel (nope, not a ship or twenty one pilots album, it’s just a name for dishes)
Whisht (ah my favourite of slang, it’s a way of telling someone to shut up)
Xposé (only the BEST show for celeb gossip, it’s the Irish E! news)
Yoke (just a thing, e.g. Gimme that yoke there)
Zig and Zag (everyone’s favourite monster puppet yokes)

That’s it! I really hope you enjoyed it! I had so much fun getting all these and writing the post. I was laughing at all of them. Make sure you head over to Katie’s blog (click here) to read her post on typical British things.

That’s all for today, see you in the next one!

xoxo Rosamae


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